Community and Environment

No business should operate independently of its community and at APL we endorse this by supporting a range of local charities.

Message from the Team

Community and environmental responsibility is central to the culture at APL. We believe in behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and building links within our community We recognise that people want to work for and with our business because of this and we believe that we have created a warm and positive environment.

As well as being aware of our place in our local community, we are keen to ensure we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Our Green Policy ensures that our activities have a positive effect on the environment and demonstrates the commitment APL is making to the environment.

Our corporate stationery is either recycled material or from a sustainable, managed source. We ensure our waste paper is kept to a minimum by using it instead of notepads before recycling it. We recycle card and paper, glass, plastic and aluminium and our housekeepers use eco friendly cleaning products.