Auction Sales & Purchases

Selling at Auction

If you are selling at auction we appreciate the need for the early preparation of the legal pack for the auction.  We will liaise with the auctioneers regarding any special conditions that may need to be added to your contract.

We have extensive experience in preparing legal packs for residential properties being sold at auction. The pack includes:

  • Contract
  • Land Registry Entries
  • Completed Protocol Forms
  • Searches(Local Authority and Drainage)

We can prepare a prompt and very competitively priced legal 'auction pack' for your property, inclusive of conveyancing searches – local authority and drainage and water. It is traditional to seek reimbursement of the cost of these from the winning auction bidder.

Buying at Auction

We offer a special service to anyone who is considering buying a property at auction. Auctioneers will provide a legal pack to potential buyers prior to the auction. We advise anyone who is considering buying a property at auction to get the legal pack checked over by a conveyancer as, once the hammer goes down, you are obliged to buy the property.

If you fail to get proper legal advice on the pack you could end up with a property that will not sell, cannot be mortgaged or has other issues which seriously affect its value.

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