Selling and Buying a Freehold Property

"I'll never do this again!" So many people say this at some stage when they are buying and selling a house that we have prepared this guide to assist you. It outlines how the transaction should proceed and is part of our commitment to making your move as painless as possible.

Time Scales

There are many stages to selling and buying a property. We find the key to a successful move is allowing sufficient time to complete all these stages. In order to make advance plans we suggest that 10-14 weeks are allowed from receipt of contracts until exchange/ completion. It is not until contracts have been exchanged that a legally binding agreement is in place to sell or buy a property.

We recommend a minimum of two weeks is allowed between contracts being exchanged and the completion date.

The above are merely guidelines and are obviously subject to change, depending on the particular circumstances of each transaction. We do ask you bear in mind the less time you give yourself to move, the more stressful your move will become.

We strongly recommend that completion dates are not arranged until we inform you that we are satisfied with the title to the property you are buying and satisfactory replies to all our enquiries and searches have been received.