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Advantage Property Lawyers average fee

The table below offers an indication of the average conveyancing fee
you can expect to pay for a property within a certain price range.

Property band Price
Up to £150k £585
£150k to £300k £740
£300k to £500k £855
£500k to £750k £940
£750k to £1.0M £1,005
£1.0M to £2.0M £1,120
Common additional fee Price
Leasehold Up to £500
Mortgage Up to £300
Stamp Duty Land Tax Up to £100
ID Up to £70
Lifetime Retrieval Fee Up to £43
Bank transfer Up to £47

Common additional fees explained

Leasehold Fee If your sale or purchase is leasehold, we will need to obtain replies to a large number of leasehold enquiries from the Landlord and/or Management Company

Mortgage Fee If you are purchasing a property with a mortgage, we will be required to act for your lender as well as you. This work includes complying with your lenders specific instructions, and the registration of your lenders mortgage upon completion. If you are selling with a mortgage, we will need to obtain a redemption figure from them, repay the mortgage on completion, and submit paperwork to the lender in order for the mortgage to be removed from the property upon completion

Stamp Duty Land Tax Fee Administration fee to complete and submit the Stamp Duty Land Tax paperwork to HM Land Registry

ID Fee We are legally obliged to require you to provide evidence of your identity and the identity of anyone you are acting on behalf of or who is providing a gift to you

Lifetime Retrieval Fee To cover the cost of maintaining an archive of documents associated with your case. No further charge will be made should you require us to retrieve these documents at a later date

Bank Transfer Fee We charge this fee due to the costs related to moving money electronically from one bank account to another

Introduced cases

We work with a number of leading estate agents and introducers throughout England and Wales. These companies support us in marketing our services, providing case tracking and updating platforms, collecting initial payments and (in purchase transactions) ordering searches and sales progression. This support is very valuable to APL; and, in return, we pay variable referrals fees to these companies, depending on the level of support they provide. The average fee is £300, which is paid by APL and is not an additional cost to you.

3rd party costs

In addition to our fees, you will be required to pay fees to 3rd parties such as:

Land Registry: to register the transfer of the property. The fee payable will depend on the price of the property and their fees can be found at HM Land Registry

Stamp Duty Land Tax: Stamp Duty Land Tax is payable on increasing portions of a property price above £125,000. There are different rules if you are buying your first home or if you a purchasing an additional property. Stamp duty rates can be found on the GOV.UK website